[ChimeraX] more volume-related commands

  • flip the volume (map):
    volume flip #1 (by default, flip along the Z-axis)
    volume flip  volume-spec  [ axis  x | y | z | xy | yz | xyz ] 
  • color the volume with specified RGB code:
    color #1 100,0,100
    color #1 palegreen
    R/G/B ranges from 0 to 100 (equals 0-255)
  • Alter map pixel/voxel resolution:
    Tool –> Volume Data –> Map Coordinates
    A sub-window will show and user can simply change the voxel resolution number.
  • add color key manually
    Tools –> Depiction –> Color key, then we can move the “color key” around as well as change the color gradients with multiple steps.