News archives of the KP lab / 實驗室新聞集

2023 January: Big congrats on Roy and Pei-Cih on winning the outstanding awards of the annual NTU-IBS progress reports. We are proud of their performances.

2022 November: 恭喜本實驗室助理Wendy獲得台大化學系等多個研究所正取!也恭喜暑期生Meihan錄取台大生技系碩士班。

2022 September: After the 2022 annual TMRS meeting, KP was elected as the 9th council members of TMRS. The serving period is 2023 Jan to 2024 Dec.

2022 July-August: We welcome Johnson and Wei-Lin joining us as well as our summer intern Mei (NTU Biotech Dept). Johnson will spend few years in the laboratory for his doctoral degree focusing on structural mechanism of ubiquitination in infectious disease. Wei-Lin joins us as a RA to assist sample productions and biophysical experiments.

2022 June: Congratulations to Wendy and Jessica’s JACS paper on the hamster prion fibril structure. They worked very hard in picking fibrils one by one and determined the map of a novel structure of amyloid fibril which is composed of 4 protofilaments. Congrats!

2022 April : Congratulations to Peggy and other lab members for their hard works determining the structure and mechanism of filamentous Ecoli glutamine synthetase. The work is now online published in Protein Science. Congrats.

2021 November : We are excited that our undergraduate student, Peggy, has received admissions of graduate school from NTU (Chemistry, Institute of Biological Sciences) and NTNU (Chemistry). Congratulations!

2021 July-August : We welcome our new blood Pei-Cih and Roy joining us. They enroll IBS-NTU (Institute of Biological Sciences, NTU) for master degree. They will spend 2 years on understanding the mechanism and structure determination of key proteins in the ISG15 related pathway. Exciting! We also have new RA Wendy join us in August who will be in charge of ubiquitin-related sample production and biophysics experiments.

2021 June : Peggy has received full financial support from Taiwan Magnetic Resonance Society for attending the online meeting of the 22nd international society of resonance conference (ISMAR) (and 9th Asia-Pacific NMR Symposium, APNMR). The meeting will be held virtually in Osaka, Japan.

2020 Dec 4: KP has received the Career Development Award from Academia Sinica. The award will provide research support for the Wu group for 5 years (2021-2025). Come to work with us.

2020 Nov 1: Congrats Meng-Hsuan on winning the prize of poster competition at the TSBMB meeting. We are very proud of his work.

2020 Oct 31: Academia Sinica Open House; KP gave a general introduction of SARS-CoV-2, the importance of papain-like protease, main protease in the drug discovery. (10/31為中研院院區開放日,在一系列的科普演講中,KP於生化所的演講題目為: 冠狀病毒蛋白質切脢的重要性與藥物開發)

2020 July/August: We welcome Yoyo and Shao-Kang join us to work on SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 related projects for their postdoctoral training.

2020 June: Our former summer intern Peggy has received a 8-month MOST College Student Research grant (科技部大專生研究計畫). She will start to execute the project from 2020 summer focusing on NMR-based analysis of enzyme catalysis and metabolomics.

2020 March 17th: We welcome Jess and Mike join us to work on viral protein and poly- ubiquitination.

2019 Sept 1st: Welcome Ray Lin join us for his postdoc training in cryoEM and structural biology

2019 August 30th: Summer intern Peggy won the outstanding performance of summer intern program.

2019 August 7th: Wei-Hung’s poster won the “popularity poster” (最佳人氣獎) in the 3rd IBC-CUHK join symposium

2019 August 1st: Warm welcome to Jenny as lab research assistant/technician in X-ray crystallography

2019 April 4th: The 9th international symposium of Autophagy will be held on November 3-7, 2019 in Taipei. Please join us for the exciting scientific programs and outstanding speakers.

2019 April 4th: KP gave a talk at ISGC 2019

2019 March 30th, KP gave a talk at JACBS (生醫年會)