News archives of the KP lab / 實驗室新聞集

2021 November : We are excited that our undergraduate student, Peggy, has received admissions of graduate school from NTU (Chemistry, Institute of Biological Sciences) and NTNU (Chemistry). Congratulations!

2021 July : We welcome our new blood Pei-Cih and Roy joining us. They enroll IBS-NTU (Institute of Biological Sciences, NTU) for master degree. They will spend 2 years on understanding the mechanism and structure determination of key proteins in the ISG15 related pathway. Exciting!

2021 June : Peggy has received full financial support from Taiwan Magnetic Resonance Society for attending the online meeting of the 22nd international society of resonance conference (ISMAR) (and 9th Asia-Pacific NMR Symposium, APNMR). The meeting will be held virtually in Osaka, Japan.

2020 Dec 4: KP has received the Career Development Award from Academia Sinica. The award will provide research support for the Wu group for 5 years (2021-2025). Come to work with us.

2020 Nov 1: Congrats Meng-Hsuan on winning the prize of poster competition at the TSBMB meeting. We are very proud of his work.

2020 Oct 31: Academia Sinica Open House; KP gave a general introduction of SARS-CoV-2, the importance of papain-like protease, main protease in the drug discovery. (10/31為中研院院區開放日,在一系列的科普演講中,KP於生化所的演講題目為: 冠狀病毒蛋白質切脢的重要性與藥物開發)

2020 July/August: We welcome Yoyo and Shao-Kang join us to work on SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 related projects for their postdoctoral training.

2020 June: Our former summer intern Peggy has received a 8-month MOST College Student Research grant (科技部大專生研究計畫). She will start to execute the project from 2020 summer focusing on NMR-based analysis of enzyme catalysis and metabolomics.

2020 March 17th: We welcome Jess and Mike join us to work on viral protein and poly- ubiquitination.

2019 Sept 1st: Welcome Ray Lin join us for his postdoc training in cryoEM and structural biology

2019 August 30th: Summer intern Peggy won the outstanding performance of summer intern program.

2019 August 7th: Wei-Hung’s poster won the “popularity poster” (最佳人氣獎) in the 3rd IBC-CUHK join symposium

2019 August 1st: Warm welcome to Jenny as lab research assistant/technician in X-ray crystallography

2019 April 4th: The 9th international symposium of Autophagy will be held on November 3-7, 2019 in Taipei. Please join us for the exciting scientific programs and outstanding speakers.

2019 April 4th: KP gave a talk at ISGC 2019

2019 March 30th, KP gave a talk at JACBS (生醫年會)