Protein Structures

Since 2019 May the lab established, we have determined several protein structures by cryo-EM, x-ray crystallography and/or NMR spectroscopy. The table below has all structures we have determined; some are not in published papers, stay tuned for our updated news. Some of our lab artworks are collected at here. Mainly the structures of protein (and the complex).

Protein NamePDBMethodEMDBReference
Papain-like protease domain from SARS CoV2 NSP37D47X-rayN/Ain preparation
Filamentous form of Ecoli Glutamine Synthetase7W85cryoEM32352Protein Science (2022)
RNA polymerase in complex with polymyxin resistance PmrA7W8CcryoEM32354submitted
Fibril structure of alpha-synuclein A53T7WNZcryoEMin revision
Calcium-induced amyloid fibrill structure of alpha-synuclein A53T7WO0cryoEMin revision
A tetra-protofilament form of hamster prion 108-1447YATcryoEM33719JACS (2022)
Cryo-EM structure of a 723-aa malate synthase G7YQMcryoEM34029, 34030submitted
Crystal structure of malate synthase G7YQNX-raysubmitted

The assembly of filamentous structure of Ecoli glutamine synthetase, published in Protein Science. PDB ID = 7W85, EMDB number = 32352.

Papain-like protein of SARS-CoV-2 (C111S mutant), PDB ID = 7D47

Crystal structure of SARS-CoV-2 Papain-like protein. The UBL, thumb, palm and zinc sub-domains are colored in slate, pink, orange and lime, respectively. The zinc ion in the zinc finger is shown as a ball.