Install CCP4 on Mac

A quick note installing CCP4 on Mac. Nothing hard but often users forget to do following steps. One reason to install CCP4 is to have updated Coot. The standalone version I have is 0.8.9 and I want to use 0.9.5 with several new plugins. So I downloaded new CCP4 (7.1.013) and here is my installation note.

  1. Download CCP4 mac version from official site, I prefer getting the full package (1.5-1.7 GB, depends).
  2. Click and unpack the CCP4 packages
  3. move the CCP4 package to proper location. For example, move to /Applications/Science (Science is the folder I created for my own work apps).
  4. Turn on XQuartz (install this one first), have a terminal open, go to the /Applications/Science/CCP4 in the terminal
  5. Run BINARY.setup (ie. ./BINARY.setup). It takes few minutes to compile and install scripts.
  6. After step 5, source the CCP4 setup script. I use tcsh
    source bin/ccp4.setup.csh
  7. type ccp4i or coot to see if the programs open without any error.
  8. Add the setup script in tcshrc for connivence
    vi .tcshrc –> add: source /Applications/Science/CCP4/bin/ccp4.setup.csh
  9. reopen XQuartz. CCP4 should be ready for use.

CCP4 7.1.013 version

Note: installation guide in CCP4 README

1) You can move the unpacked binary bundle to any location you like,
   but the paths should not contain spaces.
2) Run the script BINARY.setup. This script asks you to accept the licence,
   checks for common problems and adjusts paths in several files.

If you would ever like to move installed CCP4 suite to a different
location, edit or just remove $CCP4/share/ccp4i/etc/unix/configure.def
and re-run the BINARY.setup script.

Before you start using the CCP4 suite from the command line,
source bin/ccp4.setup-sh (in bash/dash/zsh shells)
or bin/ccp4.setup-csh (in csh/tcsh shells). This adds a few directories
to the PATH and sets several other environment variables.