Congrats, congrats..

(updated on December 18th)

Meng-Hsuan’s work on NMR screenings of small molecule compound and SARS-CoV-2 papain-like protease has won the honorable mention of poster competition in the 2020 TMRS meeting on the Frontiers of Biological and Medicinal Magnetic Resonance. (TMRS is short for Taiwan Magnetic Resonance Society).

我們恭喜李孟軒的NMR 藥物篩選與SARS-CoV-2類木瓜蛋白質切脢互動的數據獲得台灣磁共振學會舉辦的2020生物醫學核磁共振新知研討會的壁報比賽佳作獎。實驗室全體與有榮焉。

We congratulate Meng-Hsuan on receiving honorable mention of poster competition in the Taiwan Society Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 2020 Fall Camp His works covered the structure and mechanism of SARS-CoV-2 papain-like protease as well as discovery of potential inhibitor to reduce in vitro activity of papain-like protese.

我們恭喜李孟軒參與2020台灣生化與分生學會秋令營壁報比賽,榮獲佳作。孟軒的壁報內容為SARS-CoV-2的papain-like protease 類木瓜酵素酶的結構、活性與抑制劑的開發。

Image credit: TSBMB

We also congrats KP on receiving the Academia Sinica Career Development Award (CDA).
Information of CDA can be found at the DAAIS-AS website here.