PyMOL tutorial — shared in PDF

I gave a one-hour lecture of PyMOL in May and one hour hands-on for students on the same day. Sadly my macbook pro was frozen during hands-on (PyMOL + online zoom share + extended screening sharing). Otherwise I’d like to put the recorded video of hands on along with this PDF version of PyMOL tutorial.

Some snapshots of my lecture slides are provided at here.

Link provided in the end is a ~50MB tutorial I made (converted from powerpoint file). This is a very simple PyMOL tutorial; designed for beginner. I hope it will be useful for people looking for online resource to self-educate himself./herself. I learned PyMOL by myself through reading lots of PyMOL discussion forum, PyMOL wiki and figures in research paper. It’s time to feedback the open-source society.

If you found this tutorial is useful, please let me know. Please do not distribute it with any commercial actions. Please do not copy it without permission. Thank you.

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