Sharp X-ray diffraction data collected

We went to National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (NSRRC) on August 21 to collect diffracts of near 50 protein complex crystals at our assigned Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) beamline. The data collection went very well as the bright beam sharpened the diffraction patterns. Moreover, the frame rate could be as fast as 600 frames per minutes meaning we collect every crystal diffraction dataset within a minute!

One of the protein complex crystal was collected to 2.1 Å at Taiwan Light Source (TLS) six months ago and now is pushed to 1.6 Å. Example views of the refined map and model are shown below. Beautiful electron map with clear holes of aromatic rings provide us more insightful details of protein-protein interactions.

Complete maps of long sidechains (e.g. Arg, Lys, Glu, Gln, see Arg sidechain below) are important to investigate potential hydrogen bonding and solvent-protein. The high resolution atomic structure has been quickly built and more details will presented in our future publication.