Working with us

2020 徵才資訊


We are always looking for talented students, research assistants and postdoctoral researchers. Please send your CV and brief introduction of your background, future plan and research interest to “”. You will be further contacted for scheduling interview.

For those who are not currently living in Taiwan, applying TIGP-CBMB program and enroll as a PhD student is the easiest way to join us.

The positions are open and ready to begin at any time.

Who you are:

  • TIGP-CBMB graduate students, NTU-IBS graduate students are always welcome to contact me for personal meet and discussions.
  • Owning a Master degree or a PhD degree in life sciences or biochemistry-related trainings.
  • Familiar with NMR or X-ray crystallography or biophysics instrument
  • Having basic idea of molecular biology and protein expression.
  • Knowing mammalian cell culture is a plus.
  • Knowing Linux and/or programming is a plus.

The research goal:

  • Regulating protein ubiquitination and ultimately provide chance to cure human diseases.
  • Understanding the mechanism of protein oligomerization, fibrilization or misfolding related to diseases or key physiological enzymes.

THE research tools:

  • Structural biology: solution NMR, X-ray crystallography, cryo-EM
  • Biophysics: Isothermal calorimetry, Octet biosensor, Fluorescence polarization, real-time fluorescence detection and all available biophysical instrument in IBC and Academia Sinica.
  • Computational biology: large-scale data process and molecular simulation dynamics
  • Biochemical assays, enzyme kinetics, and cellular responses.

Ongoing projects:

  • Ubiquitination and protein degradation in cancer signaling pathway by E3 ligase.
  • Ubiquitination and protein degradation in autoimmune response and anti-viral defense by ISG15 and interferon gamma.
  • Design of small proteins or chemical compounds targeting ubiquitination enzymes.
  • Mechanism of amyloid fibril formation.

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