A 1.96 Å cryoEM map of mouse apo-ferritin determined

We are very excited to announce a 1.96 Å resolution apo-ferritin map determined. Mouse apo-ferritin is our standard protein for both evaluating microscope stability and practicing advanced data process by RELION.

A raw image of 0.52 Å/pixel collected on our Titan Krios + Falcon III shown on the left.

Image on the right showing superimpose of 1.96 Å map and crystal mouse apoferritin structure (PDB 3WNW, 2.24 Å diffraction resolution). There is a great agreement of sidechain locations as well as waters (yellow balls). Around 35% of water molecules in 3WNW crystal structure are well identified in our 1.96 Å cryoEM map.

The data was collected on Nov. 9 2018, and processed by RELION 3, beta2.

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